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February 25


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'The Ghost' Contest [Extended to July]

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 25, 2014, 4:05 PM

               Official Contest Information______

Contest Theme: Seisui Naito

This contest is dedicated to the first OC that I ever created, Seisui Naito. The Captain of my 11th Division alternate-universe of Bleach, he was one of the things that brought me to this website so many years ago. Without him, I would never have started my project. I owe him so much. He brought me here, helped me kick of a universe of writing that would see my skills improve over years, and introduced me to friends from around the world. I figure it's time to pay him back.

New Contest Deadline: July 1st

Judging Period: July 1st - July 10th



Character Sheet Pt. 1:  Seisui Naito: Pt. 1
Name: Seisui Naito
Nickname(s): Kenpachi; the Ghost; the Silent Night; the White Tear
Age: 367
Sex: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Species: Shinigami
Alliance: 11th Division Captain
Appearance: Seisui Naito, the child of a Rukongai couple struggling for mouthfuls of water in the slums, was cursed from the moment of conception to lead an existence balanced on the tragic precipice of life and death. A premature birth by nearly seven weeks brought him into Soul Society both significantly underdeveloped and so pale that he appeared to be stillborn. The midwife who delivered him famously called him the "ghost-child". His quiet but enduring wails and chilling, milk-white tears--symbols of his painful future--fell upon the deaf ears and ashamed eyes of his parents; the sadness sunk into his unwashed cheeks as the struggle of poverty continued on. Still, he lived, much to the surprise of the fearful and shallow couple. The unwanted
Character Sheet Pt. 2:  Seisui Naito: Pt. 2
Zanpakutō Name: Yūrei (Ghost)
Zanpakutō Appearance: Yūrei, the fearsome blade of the Kenpachi, has sown the seeds of a dark reputation. The rumors from its whispered name always speak of its raw power: the destructive past, present, and future that it seems to embody. Outside of Chūsei, the legendary Zanpakutō of Harotaissen Tsuribakki, this particular weapon is considered to be the most spectacular blade in the Gotei 13. And such compliments are not given lightly; dozens of scholars have studied the spiritual power, abilities, and history of the weapon, writing veritable encyclopedias on its every intricacy and nuance. The fact that its powers have allowed 'the Ghost' to live over two centuries past the average for a man in his condition is astounding, and many believe that it holds the secret to elongated life. Whether or not this is actually true has
Character Sheet Pt. 3:  Seisui Naito: Pt. 3
Bankai Name: Yūrei, Zōki Niwa no Yasashii (Ghost, the Tender of the Organ Garden)
Bankai Appearance: Infamous as the Bankai responsible for the death of the previous Kenpachi, Yūrei, Zōki Niwa no Yasashii is limited by Central 46 in a series of laws and sanctions meant to protect the structural integrity of both the Human world and Soul Society. Without such restrictions--they do not apply so long as the Kenpachi is in Hueco Mundo--Naito is incredibly quick to unleash the full force of his Zanpakutō, regardless of the strength or number of his enemies. His unbelievable supply of Reiryoku makes this normally straining state-of-being into a sort of second nature. Only in extreme cases can this lock on his powers be lifted. By activating a signal in his ventilator, which sends data about the situation back to Central 46, an emergency vote can be held to determine whether such actions are necessary. Whichever way they decide, only they can send a sign


Unreleased Form: Seisui Naito: His Sickness by NexusYuber 
Shikai Form: Seisui Naito: Shikai by NexusYuber 
Bankai Form: Seisui Naito: Bankai by NexusYuber 
Unreleased Form (Ventilator Model 2): Battle: Spiritual Spiral by NexusYuber

__________Official Contest Rules__________


All entries to this contest must be submitted to the 'Contest' folder in Nexus-Nation for consideration.

The original contest journal on NexusYuber's page must be favorited.

All entries must contain mention of the contest within the artist's description.

All entries must be non-watermarked, or have a 'clean' version available to me over note/email.

No single participant may submit more than one image for consideration. However, images can be withdrawn and replaced before the deadline.


All entries must prominently display Seisui Naito, the focus of the contest.

No canon characters can be included in the image.

No outside OCs can be included in the image. Only Nexus-Verse OCs.

In the case of an entry displaying multiple Nexus-Verse OCs, Seisui Naito must be recognizable as the central focus of the image.


All images are transferred to my ownership upon entry into this contest.

All entries will be credited continually to the artists, and links to their pages will be provided upon any future uploads.

All entries can still be used by their creators in portfolios, websites, and personal use however they'd like.

__________Official Contest Criteria__________

Judges: :iconnexusyuber: :iconthe-dark-mia: :iconstrider-of-twilight:

Each entry will be rated on a scale of 1 to 100 by the individual judges based on the four categories listed below. At the end of the judging period, the judges will combine their ratings, giving all entries a final score out of 300. The entry with the highest score will be the 1st Place Winner, the next highest will earn 2nd Place, and so on. In the unlikely event of a tie, the judges will vote on which image deserves the higher spot. The raffle will be occur after the winning placements are determined, and those who win the bigger prizes are ineligible. Anyone who does not place will be entered into the raffle, and the names will be chosen randomly through the use of a random number generator.

Artistic Style (30 Points): The overall cleanliness, complexity, and skill shown by the entry. This category is about the work of art itself, and points are scored by showing off artistic skills such as shading, coloring, anatomy, background-work, and other techniques that make the piece more visually appealing. Elements that can cost points are incorrect anatomy, badly scanned uploads, and other things that take away from the artwork.

Character Accuracy (30 Points): The accuracy of the picture to Seisui Naito's design, both visually and conceptually. This category is about the representation of the contest's subject, and points are scored by using the references to accurately duplicate the character, represent his personality, and utilize his abilities (if represented in the art) correctly. Things that can cost points are incorrect features, misrepresenting his personality, or showing him utilizing abilities that he does not have. Any questions about Naito should be directed to me in advance to ensure proper representation.

Impact (20 Points): The impact of the artwork, both visually and emotionally. This category is about how memorable the entry is, and points are scored by having a piece that makes a lasting impression through action, emotion, scale, concept, or any other element used within the piece. Things that can cost you points are bland concepts that don't stir interest, or images without impact.

Creativity (20 Points): The idea behind the artwork, its concept, and the use of Seisui Naito. This category is about the idea of the entry, and points are scored by exploring a unique aspect of the character or using said aspect in a creative way.

__________'THE GHOST' CONTEST PRIZES__________

1st Place Winner

-500 USD from NexusYuber

-Extended Journal Feature on NexusYuber's and Nexus-Nation's Page

-Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup

-Detailed Color Fullbody (Up to Two Characters) from Z-Angaros

-Colored Front & Back Fullbody by buttjeeeks

-Colored Headshot by Beckerwith

2nd Place Winner

-250 USD from NexusYuber

-Extended Journal Feature on NexusYuber's and Nexus-Nation's Page

-Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup

-Detailed Color Bust from Z-Angaros

-Colored Front Fullbody by buttjeeeks

-Colored Headshot by Beckerwith

3rd Place Winner

-100 USD from NexusYuber

-Extended Journal Features on NexusYuber's and Nexus-Nation's Page

-Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup

-Cel Shaded Headshot from Z-Angaros

- Colored Headshot by Beckerwith

Honorable Mentions (Three Slots)

-50 USD Each from NexusYuber

-Journal Features on NexusYuber's and Nexus-Nation's Page

-Sketch Headshot from Z-Angaros

Raffle (Five Slots)

-20 USD Each from NexusYuber

All monetary payments are to be made to the winners through Paypal.


If anyone wants to contribute prizes or advertise, let me know! It's all extremely welcome! And every little bit helps!

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