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January 22, 2012
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Name: Kamen

Nickname(s): Faceless; the Mannequin; the Kenpachi's White Shadow (White Shadow)

Age: 8 (3 Years in Production)

Sex: Androgynous (Identifies as Male)

Sexual Preference: Asexual

Species: Artificial Shinigami

Alliance: 11th Division Lieutenant

Appearance: The ultimate creation of the Gotei 13's greatest mind, Hanjimono Kin, Kamen is a triumph of technology born from a union of unbridled imagination and countless hours of intense development. His production and assemblage were completely unique. Never before had there been an artificial being created only by inanimate material, cybernetics, and other forms of cold Seireitei technology; bio-mechanics and Kidō-influenced genetics had been at the forefront for the creation of artificial souls until their ban nearly a century ago. To manufacture a mechanical being that so perfectly mimicked a Shinigami--without a unique 'soul' that would have made him a violation of Central 46 law--was nothing less than a scientific blockbuster, and its implications have resonated throughout Soul Society ever since. Even now, five years after his unveiling and assignment to the 11th Division, Kamen is still the only one of his kind, and the resources required to produce his vital systems are so rare that he will likely stay as such for some time to come. This uniqueness, along with his particularly shocking looks, has made him one of the more recognizable Shinigami in the greater areas of Soul Society.

Seisui Naito, the current Kenpachi, is a lifelong sufferer from a rare genetic disease known as Charon's Breath. This illness can cause extreme outbursts of ravaging spiritual pressure that can make traditional forms of medical treatment almost impossible for the average 4th Division member to administer. Kamen was specifically designed to address this problem. By accumulating and containing an enormous amount of spiritual energy--drawn from both Harotaissen Tsuribakki and Seisui Naito, himself--within an astonishingly compact internal battery, Captain Hanjimono was able to give his creation a complete immunity to the fatal effects of both donors' spiritual pressure while providing an almost endless power-source to fuel such advanced cybernetics. As such, he is solely responsible for the late-life caretaking of his Captain, tasked with the duty of containing such outbursts and transporting the Kenpachi safely to either the 4th or 12th Division for recovery. This all-encompassing task shows deeply in the design of the Lieutenant, who is precisely the same height and build as his Captain; it helped the artificial Kamen earn his nickname as the Kenpachi's White Shadow.

The mold from which Kamen was cast was not made with aesthetics in mind. While it would have been a simple task to craft a unique face and present his creation as a perfect replica of a Shinigami, Hanjimono Kin felt such things unnecessary--even counter-intuitive. Kamen's blank, featureless face proudly proclaims the artificial nature of his being, and it was expressly designed to inspire curiosity, awe, and immediate recognition in those who come into contact with this technological marvel. To Kin, Kamen is nothing less than a symbol of pride for him and his production team; to give him a face would have put him at the same level as any normal Shinigami--something that would have drawn away from the astounding accomplishment of what had been created. It would have also been unnecessary thanks to the Lieutenant's unique senses, which don't need ocular units or auditory receivers. Although many end up reacting with a certain level of fear when they first encounter the blank face of 'Faceless', they almost always come to respect the creative masterpiece that he truly is.

The material that makes up the outermost layer of Kamen's body is a uniform composite of various metals and plastics. A white, eggshell finish naturally formed out of this combination, and Captain Hanjimono chose not to tamper with the initial looks of his design due to a mixture of contentment and the trivial nature of appearances. As such, Kamen looks to be made out of a matte porcelain with no reflective qualities whatsoever, which can come off as unusual to those who have little understanding of the science and chemistry behind his creation. Cool to the touch, Kamen's skin feels like a wall of hardened, refrigerated plastic, although its durability is many thousands of times that of such elastic material. Although it was too much of a logistical nightmare to fashion realistic skin that could withstand the punishment necessary for Kamen's functions, the innovative Captain did his best to give some malleability to his creation, and it shows in the ease of bending joints and the silence of his movements. If he were completely obscured in clothing or darkness, it would be nearly impossible to detect his artificial nature.

Although he has no mouth, no facial features, and is clearly not a normal Shinigami, there remains a level of sincerity to Kamen's design. Despite the lack of vocal organs, he is able to speak in a neutral male tone much like one might expect from an artificial being. These words are projected straight through his head via speaker inside his machinery. Although there is a lack of an organic feel, the Lieutenant has managed to simulate vocal tone, sarcasm, and, on occasion, laughter, thanks to his artificial intelligence. His asexual body shape and lack of sexual organs remains one of the more controversial choices made by Hanjimono, but Kamen identifies as a male, and as such many of his Division-mates have adjusted their opinions to match.

Kamen has been through many physical trials and countless hours in battle, but no visible wear can be seen anywhere on his body. He always appears to be sparkling new, as if he had just walked out of the 12th Division laboratory, and few have any idea why this is. The truth boils down to self-repairing technology. Built with the ability to self-diagnose and self-repair at a level far beyond any average biological structure, the 11th Division Lieutenant is able to patch up wounds, gashes, and other imperfections over a very short amount of time. Although this would not help him detach a severed limb without oversight from a technician, it is more than enough to keep his aesthetics in check until he can find a better avenue of repair. The flawless white skin of his mannequin-like form remains flawless only because of this advanced technology.

Despite having only a budding concept of modesty, Kamen finds it prudent to wear his Lieutenant uniform at all times. His no-sex physiology originally convinced Hanjimono Kin to let him out into public without any form of clothing. The resulting complaints confused the socially-inept Captain, but they quickly resulted in a formal request to keep Kamen's clothing up to par with the most basic of regulations. Over time he has gotten used to the idea of wearing clothing, and he is sometimes quoted in saying that it makes him feel more accepted by the community--if he were a simple object, he would not have been asked to cover his body.

Despite his acceptance of clothing regulations and his encyclopedic knowledge of the Gotei 13 dress code, Kamen has not attempted to alter even the smallest bit of his uniform, despite it being well within his rights as an official Lieutenant. The black cloth is always cleanly pressed and streamed; the Lieutenant badge is always kept even with the shoulder on the left arm; and even his sandals, which serve no purpose as his feet are artificial, are fitted perfectly to his body. This meticulous nature has made him the target of jokes by some of the more laid-back Shinigami, but even they cannot deny the strict sense of duty instilled in the Mannequin.

Personality: Although Kamen may not be an organic being, nor does he have a true 'soul', his personality is as realistic as that of any normal Shinigami. The circuitry behind the simulation is self-adaptive. It changes rapidly to varying conditions, building upon itself and reinforcing previous assumptions much like an organic brain would do. Hanjimono Kin designed the technology with the idea that circuit-based machinery could do the same amazing things as brain tissues, which, in reality, are just wires of a different kind--all it took was the right software and an appropriate, manipulative power source. The project was easily the most ambitious thing the young Captain had ever attempted, but the work paid off with the help of his extreme intellect and the efforts of an entire Division of scientists. The final product was a spectacular personality matrix that literally birthed a new generation of artificial intelligence.

Like normal living creatures, some things were programmed into Kamen's mind from the get-go. But the amount of basic information preprogrammed into him was far more than any normal organic life-form. The propensity towards Shinigami loyalty, incredible martial skills, and an encyclopedic knowledge directly downloaded from the Gotei 13 archives were all part of his first day of consciousness, allowing him to function fully despite his youth. However, much of his social slate was kept clean. This controversial decision was made by Captain Hanjimono; he wanted Kamen to have a chance to evolve his own unique personality based on his interactions and, in a sense, his own personal desires. How such a socially inept individual came to embrace this concept is beyond many scholars, but some believe that it was his attempt to perfect in Kamen what he fails to do in himself.

As a 'person', Kamen is incredibly loyal and has a strong desire to protect others. To many, this may come across as emotionless programming to fight and defend, but there is more to his actions than simple electronic commands. His Captain, Seisui Naito, is his closest friend in more than one sense. Not only is his sworn purpose to care for the ailing Shinigami, but he finds his quiet nature to be calming and without stress. Never does Naito push for conversation or judge him on his still-developing social ability. With him, things are simple, and combat functions as an alternate way for the two to communicate. Other individuals find Kamen more like a work-in-progress in personality than a full-grown individual. He may have knowledge of mathematics, history, science, and tactics beyond his peers, but he has very few solid experiences to draw from, making him 'intelligent' but not necessarily 'wise'. He has few personal stories and often resorts to historical examples to back up his opinions.

While his personality continues to grow as months pass, Kamen has begun to take up hobbies to occupy his free time--he does not require sleep, which leaves his ample periods when his duties are low-priority. He has found a love in reading, which he can achieve by sensing inked words through spiritual receptors. While many of the historical archives were downloaded into his memory core before his construction, much of the texts in Soul Society remained in written-work only. These documents are still new to him. Through Captain Yorushi he has access to a vast collection of historical papers, many of which delve into the pasts of the clan systems and nobility. Captain Gingitsune often brings back a human-world book or two when he returns from one of his excursions. And while he can read much quicker than any other Shinigami (save Hanjimono Kin, who is just about as capable, even without unique senses), Kamen prefers to take his time and appreciate what he digests.

Kamen's way of seeing the world has given him a special sort of awareness that many others do not have. While many Captains can sense intention from decades of hard-earned experience, he can do so by scanning physiological responses. He knows when a person is lying by how many chemicals are pulsing through their systems. Emotions, while somewhat budding in himself, are easily diagnosable and exploitable thanks to the way he perceives the world. In addition, without a traditional sense of sight, he has no real opinion on looks and cannot be swayed by attraction. These unique features have made many people uncomfortable. Normal social tactics that many take for granted--flirting, lying, and such--simply do not work when dealing with the 11th Division Lieutenant. In concept, given enough time and experience, Kamen has the potential to become unbelievably adept in social situations, making the elimination of his biggest weakness just a matter of time. Unfortunately, no matter how good he may become in conversation, his abilities in combat will never improve.


Black Box: Kamen's white body contains a vast amount of incredibly compact technology, but almost all of it is dedicated to battle, power conversion, and basic functions. Thousands of miles of incredibly thin wire and circuitry are stuffed into the solid mass that is his humanoid form. But those elements are not the only things that exist within his body. Everything that is 'Kamen'--his personality, intelligence, and experiences--are all stored in a 'Black Box' less than a few inches in diameter. This cube is set deep within in his left thigh, far from the normal areas targeted for fatal injury in battle, in order to keep it safe. Surrounding the vital object is a thick layer of armor plating that can withstand the cutting force of a Captain-class Zanpakutō. As long as this incredibly durable piece of machinery is kept away from harm, Kamen still exists, and any damaged parts of his shell can be replaced without interrupting the core of his being. In fact, so long as this piece is fully functioning, the Mannequin can be vaporized without losing the ability to return. It would take many weeks to find the materials to create an entirely new body, but the possibility is there. While nothing so extreme has happened yet, Kamen has lost a limb or two in battle, and this particular feature of his being has played its part in keeping him whole.

Reiatsu Battery: Technology as advanced as Kamen requires a power source with nearly limitless energy potential. Normal batteries would not suffice, and they were taken off of the drawing board as quickly as they had been put on due to the logistics of changing them on a bi-daily basis. Some sort of internal generator was considered, but only briefly--the problems of tackling space consumption were too complicated. Captain Hanjimono finally found a solution with the help of his Lieutenant, Hayashi Ishurimoto, and a group of premier scientists brought from all corners of Soul Society. They found a way to chemically alter Sekkisekki, a material known to stifle spiritual energy, to do just the opposite of its natural inclination. The resulting material was capable of absorbing a tremendous amount of Reiatsu in a relatively safe container. This monumental accomplishment, unfortunately, only produced enough to create two batteries; one is locked deep within the Yorushi family vaults in case the other is destroyed. Captain-Commander Harotaissen, the wielder of the most Reiatsu in Soul Society, volunteered to donate a full day of meditation to feeding this battery. Seisui Naito did the same. With two powerhouses having fueled the battery with their energy, Kamen can function fully--fighting included--for another ten years before a recharge would be needed.

Missile Cavity: Not without a mind for productive ordinance, Hanjimono Kin installed a large missile battery within Kamen's chest at least a foot in diameter and a couple of inches deep. The roots of this emplacement are grounded throughout his torso, allowing the kickback to remain minimal so long as his footing is somewhat stable. When activated, a two-door panel opens in the front of his chest and slides tightly against his skin; he generally opens his uniform to avoid obstruction and potential backfire. Each missile launched generates smoke and heat from the propellants, which is vented through six holes, arranged like that of a dice-face, along the upper-half of his back. In order to address the numerous kinds of situations that Kamen would likely face in his Shinigami duties, Captain Hanjimono designed and installed four types of missiles that rest within the Lieutenant's body. Should the Mannequin run low on any specific type of ammunition, the 12th Division has a production line set up to make additional supplies.

High-Impact Missiles: The most basic of armaments, with inspiration drawn almost entirely from Human-world technology, these missiles are jam-packed with explosives set to detonate on impact. Because of the size constraints of the chest cavity, Captain Hanjimono made these the most numerous but smallest of the ammunition types. Twenty of these missiles are packed into the outer corners of the battery. Launched at high speeds, most often in groups of three or more, the concussive force of a single impact is similar to a small bunker-buster by Human military standards, which is often enough to deal serious damage to even the largest of Menos Grande. Used tactically, the explosions caused by these weapons can give a field advantage in an otherwise implausible situation. Kamen has utilized them for everything from distractions to clearing obstacles to direct assault weapons. His aim is even good enough to use them to intercept other projectiles mid-flight. Unfortunately, due to their small size and high yield, Kin was not able to install any tracking or guidance into their compact internal chambers, making them strictly point-and-shoot.

Acidic Missile: A type of ammunition created for use in a multitude of situations, the acidic missiles are a bit larger than their brute-force cousins. This is due to their thick casings, which are made from a resilient composite in order to contain the extremely volatile compounds that slush around inside. There are ten of these in Kamen's chest cavity. Upon impact, a small divider within the missile breaks with the help of a contained internal explosion. This causes two separated, highly acidic liquids to mix together as they spread out across the impact site. The resulting compound is so highly reactive that it can eat through steel in seconds and cover a site as large a ten feet in diameter. Once released, this light yellow acid continues to dissolve organic and inorganic material until the chemical bonds are exhausted; it usually takes fifteen seconds to become neutral, after which it becomes a clear, odorless semisolid. Unlike the high-impact missiles, these acidic pieces of armament have little use past their military applications. The compounds are almost entirely uncontrollable once combined, making it too dangerous to manipulate until the effects wear off.

Firebomb Missile: Extremely heavy ordinance that rivals the pure destructive power of Human-world weapons, the firebomb series of missiles are designed for crowd control and to cause widespread damage to landscape and physical structures. Hanjimono Kin outfitted three within Kamen's chest for redundancy, but he has never had to resort to using more than one in order to meet whatever objective he had in mind. This incredibly destructive weapon cannot deal as much damage as a Captain-class Zanpakutō technique, but it has enough power to go above and beyond any normal Lieutenant-class ability. The inside of these bronze-tipped projectiles are filled with a napalm-like semisolid that can be projected across a massive area upon impact. The explosion lights this material on fire almost immediately, spreading the flames over the target zone in a matter of seconds; it only takes a blink of an eye for an entire building to catch fire. These flames are only stoked by water thanks to the oil-like properties of the chemical used as the accelerant, making it incredibly difficult to stop the destruction before the life of the fire takes its natural course.

Sensory Overload Missile: The ultimate unit of offensive technology within the incredibly complex missile battery, the sensory overload model was the most difficult to design, expensive to produce, and destructive in its somewhat controversial application. It is easily the largest and heaviest of the missiles, as well; only one can fit into the center of the battery at any given time. When launched, the sensory overload missile tracks a target designated by Kamen through his extended, computer-based senses. It is almost impossible to avoid without using extremely advanced movement abilities. Captains should have no problem making short work of the tracking system, even with its redundancies and advanced software, but anyone below that class would be hard-pressed to avoid the effects of this armament. Unlike the other types of missiles, this one is not activated upon impact, nor does it employ any kind of internal explosion in its functions. The sensory overload missile simply opens up with Kamen's mental command, releasing a flurry of extraordinarily bright fluorescent lights in a symphony of colors. Those who don't shield their eyes are almost always blinded, while anyone prone to seizures risks extreme injury if exposed for more than a few seconds. Loud noises--like shrieking, impacting chunks of metal--echo out from within the lights as specially designed devices turn on. Kamen is immune to these effects due to his unique senses, but few others are so lucky. Once the sensory overload missile is launched, the 11th Division Lieutenant generally attempts to end the battle as quickly and decisively as possible.


Zanjutsu Master: As a veritable reliquary of electronic records, Kamen was designed as the perfect soldier to combat Hollow, rogue Shinigami, and any other threat as a member of the Lieutenant-class. This purpose was further honed into his design due to his placement as the second-in-command of the most martially-oriented Division in the Gotei 13. Because of his encyclopedic knowledge of swordplay and all forms of Zanjutsu, tied with his electronic brain and premier control of his limbs, he can rightfully be labeled as a master of close-quarters-combat with a weapon. But such categorical knowledge only goes so far. While he can effortlessly perform any technique within the parameters of his strength and flexibility, his creativity and lateral thinking leaves a lot to be desired at this point in time--as does his experience. Once he spends a few more years in the fields of combat, it is likely that he will determine his own preferred style, but even then it is unlikely that he will improve much past the point he finds himself in. This is truer still because of his locked strength and speed, which will never increase, no matter how much he might train. As a master of Zanjutsu, he can easily defeat most in his class in a straight fight of blades. His impeccable timing and flawless technique are the envy of many younger Shinigami and a frightening curiosity to those of the higher ranks. Individuals from across the Seireitei have come to watch Kamen perform abilities that take perfect forms to complete; only Okada Ayano, the true master of Zanjutsu, can match the flawlessness of his movements.

Hakuda Expert: Although his skills in Hakuda were given a backseat to his implanted knowledge of Zanjutsu, Kamen has a natural proficiency for hand-to-hand combat thanks to his strength and the number of stances/techniques he has buried into the memory core of his processor. Only a small portion of his pre-installed memory existed for the purpose of unarmed combat, however, and his final repertoire does not afford him the title of 'master'. Still, he is more than capable of holding his own against all but the strongest of hand-to-hand fighters. When in combat, he tends to employ rather straightforward attacks that use his enhanced strength to the best advantage. Haymakers, roundhouse kicks, and other high-impact, low-difficulty moves seem to do the most amount of damage in the shortest amount of time, which is why he has relied on them so heavily in his Hakuda practices. Fatal techniques like snapping someone's neck or breaking their spine are also heavily relied upon by the 11th Division Lieutenant. For him, being disarmed is nothing more than a disadvantage, and pulling punches in such a situation is an error in judgment. While he is more than capable of employing some incredibly complex maneuvers thanks to his strength and flexibility, Kamen finds most of them to be better suited to those who prefer hand-to-hand combat over Zanjutsu. Since he is not among that number, he rarely employs the techniques.

Shunpo Expert: Although incapable of Kidō, a Shinigami art that requires a 'soul', Kamen is adequately able to control his energy to perform the Hohō technique of Shunpo. While much of his power circuits are routed to muscle function, combat, and his advanced senses, only a small portion (in comparative terms) is dedicated to such a delicate form of propulsion. The result is a level of speed just a little below that of other Lieutenants, who can train their bodies to move better under the conditions of Shunpo. Kamen's speed can never improve thanks to his artificial body, nor is there technology advanced enough to increase his capabilities through upgrades. This static level of speed is a potential threat to him during combat. Should a quick enemy figure out just how fast the 11th Division Lieutenant can move, and that he cannot possible go any faster, it would be a rather simple task to outmaneuver and defeat him with minimal effort. As such, Kamen takes great pains to mask his limits and move far slower than his full speed. Many of his comrades have no idea what his full capabilities are. Those involved with his production, including a variety of Captains and scientists, are well aware of his top speed; they choose to keep his secret and allow him the tactical advantages that come with his method of misdirection. He generally fakes a limit of seventy percent of his actual abilities, making him seem like the slowest Lieutenant in the Gotei 13.

Immense Spiritual Power: While he may be an artificial being without a legitimate 'soul', Kamen has access to an incredibly potent well of spiritual power in the form of an internal Reiatsu battery. While a large portion of this energy is spent on the day-to-day demands of powering a fully-functioning cybernetic entity, much of its deepest stores remain completely untapped. Harotaissen Tsuribakki and Seisui Naito, two powerful Shinigami with almost endless wells of Reiryoku, each spent a full day of meditation to pour a tremendous amount of their own power into the battery. The resulting torrents of spiritual energy mixed and fused within the confines of Kamen's body, creating a unique Reiatsu that he calls his own. This purple and white swirling energy not only powers the Mannequin's daily functions, but his combat skills and Zanpakutō, as well. When released, this Reiatsu spreads outwards and generally incapacitates anyone below Lieutenant-class. Those who have the aptitude to fight him on even ground sometimes find the power he gives off to be a little overwhelming for someone of his supposed strength, but it is nowhere near the level of those who donated the original energy. Still, most Lieutenant-class combatants find themselves below-par in comparison to the Reiatsu of the White Shadow, which makes him one of the more powerful of his class as far as such statistics go; he essentially  reaches the Captain-class in spiritual pressure. Kamen's power stores are so vast--just from that one day of meditation--that he is not scheduled for a refit for another decade.

Enhanced Strength: The artificial muscle tissues that make up the internal structure of Kamen's body contain some incredible feats of Seireitei technology. Nanofibers and other composites are wound so tightly underneath his skin that, should they be unraveled, they would circle the Earth over three dozen times. With elasticity far beyond any other material, these fibers mimic normal muscle function perfectly while maintaining a much higher yield than their natural cousins. What truly sets them apart from normal Shinigami tissues is that they have no room for variable output. Any other individual would have strength powered by their spiritual energy, which is embodied in their muscles and makes them appear far stronger than any Human could ever be. Should their spiritual aptitude rise, so would their strength, which is why a small Captain can be more physically able than a giant, rank-and-file Shinigami. Kamen, on the other hand, is powered by his unique internal battery, which never changes the output capacity of its energy stores. His muscle tissues are similarly locked in their capabilities, always operating at 100% efficiency. They have no room for improvement or atrophy. Fine control of his motor skills prevents him from accidentally unleashing more kinetic energy than is necessary for his intended action, however, which is a safeguard created after serious injuries occurred in the testing stages of his early life. Although his muscles are always operating at maximum efficiency, Kamen can fold a paper crane--he is actually quite talented at creating them--as easily as he can demolish a building. The massive difference in strength is controlled by his cybernetic brain.

Enhanced Endurance: Made from a composite of incredibly durable, flexible materials, Kamen is uniquely equipped to withstand injuries and conditions that others would be hard-pressed to survive. Enemies that are significantly weaker than him have serious trouble piercing his naturally tough outer layer, which is similar to the shield of Reiatsu that Arrancar and Captain-class Shinigami can produce. His mechanical body and lack of internal organs makes him resistant to certain kinds of injury--piercing, limb-loss, and internal bleeding--that would impair the function of even the strongest warriors; the redundant systems of his design prevent critical system failure unless the majority of his body--or his black box--is lost. Extreme heat, cold, drought, and other environmental hazards can slow down the functions of his processors, but they rarely do any permanent damage unless they exceed rather high thresholds; most would have died long before such conditions had been met. This is due to a regulation system that spreads temperatures evenly across his body. The program is so advanced that it can actually convert some degrees of the high temperatures into energy that can then power his internal cooling units. Self-repairing technology can then take care of the rest. Poisons and paralytics are completely useless unless they specifically target the types of materials that make up the majority of Kamen's body, and due to his lack of orifices, administration of such things is next to impossible. In his entirely, the Mannequin is notoriously difficult to kill. In this way he is much like his Captain.

Alternative Senses: Hanjimono Kin's choice in creating Kamen without a face was not only because of a lack of care for aesthetics and a want to show off an artificial nature; the sensory program within the 11th Division Lieutenant does not need either sight or hearing for him to function. A separate project that the prodigy Captain had been working on for years found its final use in the Mannequin. Kin had been trying to find a way to actively track Arrancar, who can instinctively mask their Reiatsu and become almost impossible to track effectively. A sort of 'spiritual-energy sonar' was the final result of the project, and it was installed in Kamen as his only major sense. By sending near-constant bursts of energy out in all directions, he is able to see and hear based on how the energy reacts to the objects and waves that surround him. While this allows him to sense everything that a normal individual would be able to, including color (thanks to a program designed to interpret light reflection), it suffers from a fatal flaw. If Kamen should face an enemy with too much Reiatsu or the ability to manipulate/negate spiritual energy, he can be rendered both blind and deaf; the sonar essentially shuts down. In most cases, Kamen's sense give him an extreme upper hand on his opponents. He can sense lies through blood pressure, see around corners, and retain a three hundred sixty degree awareness.

Expert Tactician & Strategist: Built with a black box memory core with enough storage to be a primary server for an industrial nation, Kamen has the mental capacity to process utterly staggering amounts of information. The entire breadth of the Seireitei database was implanted into his mind during production, giving him access and immediate recall of every bit of Soul Society information below a specific level of strict classification. The massive amount of historical data and battle records afford Kamen a wealth of tactical knowledge that most scholars struggle their entire lives to comprehend. Famous deployments and maneuvers are at the tip of a mental whim for him, making it a simple matter to match an existing situation to a historical doppelganger and finding a successful strategy to ensure victory. Being a walking database allows him to remain prepared and knowledgeable far beyond many of his peers. The only issue with his strategies--what prevents him from becoming a master tactician like Kuchigane Yochi or Kirinonai Utsuro--is his somewhat stubborn reliance on historical examples. Pure creativity and lateral thinking, although quite possible with his advanced program, are not utilized to their full potential, which makes him somewhat predictable to those who have an advanced knowledge of strategy. Painfully obvious solutions that require minor out-of-the-box thinking have been bypassed in favor of complicated actions, only because they had worked in the past. It remains an error in computation that Captain Hanjimono and Captain Seisui hope will work itself out eventually. As time goes by, Kamen is expected to gain a familiarity with creativity that will foster his growth into a premier strategist. Until then, he remains one of the most fearsome tactical Lieutenant in the Gotei 13.
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This is part 1 of kamen's sheet, which contains general information about the character.

Part 2, which contains information about his Zanpakutō and Shikai, can be found here.


This reference sheet represents the 11th Division Lieutenant of my non-canon Bleach world. While he may seem overpowered, this particular description is not the one I use in roleplay--the power scales represented in its text are only in relation to the personal stories and the fiction which I write. When roleplaying, I use altered sheets with abilities to scale with the setting, completely devoid of power comparisons.


Bleach © Kubo Tite
Kamen © NexusYuber
Preview Image © ev1ct
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iNeyraei Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013  Student General Artist
Ever heard of the Japanese trickster ghost, Noppera-Bo?
This guy brought them to my mind. Sneaky little shapeshifters, stealing faces and scaring passerbys.
yorusihitori Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012
NexusYuber Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
yorusihitori Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012
shikai:a illusion that makes the enemys sight look like static or when they look at him
NexusYuber Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Too bad he's already got a Shikai. Haha. Funnily enough, he wasn't based on Slenderman at all; he was based on a mannequin.
yorusihitori Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012
nice for a bankai he should be like a puppet master controlling two look alikes with the zanpakuto out also do you do requests i have some ideas on kido captains hollows and such
NexusYuber Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Naw. I mention in the sheet that he's not designed to have a Bankai, nor is the technology available to mimic that kind of power.

What do you mean requests?
yorusihitori Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012
well imagine this a soul reaper and arrancar smashed together a hollow reaper with the form of a arrancar zanpakuto of a soul reaper they can be more reaper or hollow like a shikai and bankai like release or a more hollowish but if its between a shikai in the first Resurrection and the same in bankai/second Resurrection
NexusYuber Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
My head just exploded.
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Myennaius13 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012
Perfection that is far from completely perfect; you've created an awesome character here, so far.
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