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April 18, 2011
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Name: Bronnk Ro

Nickname(s): The Patient Bull; the Wiseman; the Horns of Barracuda; the Advisor

Age: 1372

Sex: Male

Sexual Preference: Heterosexual

Species: Arrancar

Former Classification: Vasto Lorde

Alliance: Octavo Espada

Aspect of Death: Relinquishment

Privilege: La Tierra Baldía (The Wasteland)

Appearance: The oldest Espada--and perhaps the most ancient Arrancar in Hueco Mundo--carries with him a legend of perseverance, self-discovery, and wisdom that brought him to the position that he holds today. Bronnk Ro, born in the World of the Living over a millennium ago, was one of those lucky souls who led their life on the path towards peace and serenity. A scholar by trade, he worked tirelessly to study and archive the vast philosophies of his native lands, and in his journeys he helped promote the idea of self-discipline and the value knowledge to those he encountered. His efforts to educate others helped bring prosperity and opportunity to many who would have remained ignorant in those troubled times. By all accounts, his life was a noble one, filled with the virtues of a stayed hand and a wise tongue. During his fortieth year, the man that would become Bronnk Ro fell ill after tending to a brilliant but sick child in a village he had been visiting. With an immune system foreign to the contagion, he quickly lost his hold on life and passed away, relinquishing control over his own fate for the slight chance of saving a prodigious youth.

Unable to move on while the child was still sick, the spirit of Bronnk Ro became tethered. As a man wise beyond his means, he somehow knew that his spirit was able to move on, yet he chose to give up that opportunity to see the outcome of his work. Within a few weeks, his chain had already begun to deteriorate, as did the condition of the brilliant child. As he watched the life slowly fade from the youth’s eyes, Bronnk knew that his work had failed. This realization caused a rapid acceleration in the shortening of his chain. However, with self-control that would later be considered legendary, he managed to stop the deterioration at the last link, holding it there for over two weeks before finally succumbing and transforming into a Hollow. If the Shinigami assigned to that village had not have been recalled to wage war on the Arrancar dominion of that era, Bronnk would have likely been purified and sent on to Soul Society, and the modern Hueco Mundo would be a very different place. Instead, he vanished into the sands of that other world for over a thousand years, during which time he transformed into a devastatingly powerful Vasto Lorde and then a perfectly ascended Arrancar.

The Bronnk Ro now known throughout Hueco Mundo as the ‘Horns of Barracuda’ is a man of great posture. Standing nearly seven feet tall, his height towers over the other Espada, even the Grand Cero himself (who is an impressive six feet, eight inches), making him an incredibly imposing figure to behold; his long shadow swallows smaller individuals like pebbles resting beneath a mountain. Despite his proportions and his athletic frame, the aura surrounding him is actually one of calmness and deep thought. In a sort of dichotomy, his powerful stature is opposed by this mindful presence, which plainly shows that he is a man more comfortable with words and ideas than brute force. Even his walking gait--made of long strides that equal three steps from a smaller man--is controlled and smooth, with hardly a footprint left in the sand behind him. In this way he is both a beast of power and a prophet of how not to use it, making him recognizably deadly at just a moment’s glance by those wise enough to see the danger in such an individual.

With light skin that seems slightly parched from the dry air of Hueco Mundo, Bronnk Ro is not an unattractive man. His features, however, are slightly eccentric thanks to his heightened proportions. With a thin face that features somewhat high cheekbones and a slightly pointed chin, his appearance is heavy with angles. In order to soften the presence of his looks, Bronnk decided long ago to grow his brown hair out into a chin-strap beard that lined the sharp corners of his strong jawline, framing his face. His eyes, a rich, wild hazel, are deep-set, sunken within the weary bags of a man who does not sleep--Bronnk has long-since relinquished his right to relax, and it has taken a visible toll. To hide this, large black glasses with oversized aviator-style lenses are a constant feature on his face. His thin nose supports the bridge of the accessory.

Bronnk Ro, an Arrancar with a great deal of forethought and intelligence, has taken strides to hide much of his body from onlookers. While his dark glasses prevent others from seeing his intent and focus, giving him a small advantage in certain situations, a light-brown leather cowboy hat with a black band serves a constant function of hiding his horn-like mask fragments. These four-inch, bone-white protrusions rest at symmetrical points at the top of his head, just above his brow and the straight bangs kept contained by the brim. The rest of his hair, which is cut to a medium-short length, is visible on the sides and back, below the coverings of the hat. One of the few individuals who actively hides his mask fragments (for strategic reasons), Bronnk could easily be mistaken for an unusually tall human.

Tying together with the style of his hat, Bronnk always wears a light brown trench-coat loosely over his fit shoulders. The length of the coat is tailored specifically to his enormous body proportions, and the tail rests at the middle of his calves, making it just under six feet long from neck to bottom. Like his hat, this piece of clothing is made from a reishi-infused fabric hundreds of times harder than steel, making it a powerful and effective coat of flexible armor. At the center-line of the coat rest straps meant to store a leather belt to secure both sides around his waist. Long ago, the Horns of Barracuda did away with that accessory in a fight against Yruzza Alexander, now the Sexto Espada; he used it to bind the malcontent Arrancar and drag him to Barracuda for judgment--an act that eventually led to bringing Yruzza into the Espada class. Since that day, Bronnk has let his coat hang loose, and the belt still sits in Las Noches as a reminder of the act.

Although Bronnk’s trench-coat, glasses, and hat make him the most uniquely dressed Arrancar, he is still expected to wear the black and white uniform that has become a staple for the race. Compliant with this demand, Bronnk always sports a long-sleeve white jacket beneath his coat. The black lining of the Arrancar uniform defines the collar around his neck, and a similar center-line cuts down from the middle to the black sash that he wears wrapped around his waist. It is beneath this white jacket that Bronnks’ Hollow-hole and Espada number rest, both hidden from view. The tattooed '8' is small and sits on his left breast beneath his chest-hair, just above his heart, while the vacant hole is quite large and takes up most of his stomach, from the bottom of his rib-cage to the top of his waist.

Because his Privilege, La Tierra Baldía, encompasses a long swath of the Forest of Menos, and his duty has him patrolling against any would-be invaders from the savage expanses of Hueco Mundo, Bronnk has altered the lower half of his Arrancar uniform to allow for comfort during his near-constant travels. Instead of the white, loose hakama, he wears white pants that fit to his legs in a straight-cut. These pants tuck into black boots designed to withstand the repeated wear and tear that the Wiseman puts them through, and they stop just above the center of his calves, about where his trench-coat ends. Since attaining his Privilege, Bronnk has worn through over thirty of these durable pieces of footwear, and he generally discards them unceremoniously when they no longer function. The unaligned Hollow that live near his Privilege fear these discarded boots--to them, they mark the paths of an Espada, places to be avoided at all costs.

Personality: Bronnk Ro, the Arrancar heralded as a source of immeasurable wisdom (or infinite foolishness, depending on who you might ask), is a unique specimen unlike any other Hollow in all of Hueco Mundo. Like all powerful Arrancar, his personality has been honed by his closeness with a world seeped in death, leading him to become a metaphorical embodiment of an Aspect of Death--a single concept that a soul might feel as its demise grows closer. What sets him apart from the others is that he, unlike any who have come before him, knows what he represents. His tremendous level of self-awareness and the temperance he has formed over a millennium has given him a window into his own existence that no other Hollow has ever attained, and this has helped him achieve a certain wisdom that even Barracuda finds invaluable.

Relinquishment, the Aspect of Death that Bronnk now embodies, has been pulling strings in his life since his birth in the World of the Living. As a man, he gave up his personal life to study, to learn, and to educate those around him; he forfeited any chance of rest in favor of completing the duties he believed in. Even his death was a form of relinquishment, as he sacrificed his own life for a child, then gave up his chance at passing on in order to see whether his work was worth it in the end. Along his path to becoming an Arrancar, a road that lasted ages and spawned legends, Bronnk continually elected to give up pleasures and opportunities in order to pursue goals that he found important; he led resistance cells against tyrannical rulers when he could have ascended beside them; he gave up bodily pleasures in order to hone his mind; and he even chose to fast during times of imbalance when he could have consumed souls at leisure to gain immeasurable power. All of these choices were forms of relinquishment, and once he had ascended and became an Espada, the transformation into an embodiment of that Aspect of Death was complete.

Unlike other powerful Arrancar, all of whom represent their own Aspects of Death, Bronnk is fully aware that he compulsively follows the concept to which he is bound. He knows that the reason that he has remained the Octavo Espada, despite his power being equal to that of either Quintalla Cora Calica or Welsch Laffarou, is that he feels compelled to relinquish the offers of advancement brought to him by Barracuda Marracruz. This self-awareness, which he has tried to teach to the other Espada with little success, has allowed him to develop unique ways to compensate and even benefit from his compulsions. For instance, while he feels the need to allow his opponents to attack first, his fanatically-trained Pesquisa has given him the ability known as Previsión, which allows him to predict body-movements and react in ways that can easily turn that first, uneducated attack into the last his enemy will ever make.

The most serious form of his need to relinquish has to do with levels of power release. Should Bronnk know that an opponent can reach another plateau of power (Resurrección, for instance), he is unable to use his own releases unless they do so first. However, should he genuinely know no such thing, he is capable of transforming without prejudice. For this reason, Bronnk is one of the only combatants who would rather go into battle knowing nothing about his opponent. This way, he can assume rightful ignorance as to their capabilities, bypassing his compulsions. Then, his unmatched talents with Pesquisa can give him all of the knowledge he otherwise lacked. These seemingly self-defeating actions have caused some to consider him a foolish individual who only holds his position due to his age and the favor of Barracuda, the leader of Hueco Mundo. Others understand that he does these things due to a wisdom that they could never comprehend.

Known as ‘the Wiseman’, Bronnk is considered by many to be a perfect example of Barracuda’s vision: an individual with such self-awareness that he has left all of his former primal nature in the bowels of Hueco Mundo. What remains is a man who values intellectual conversation, personal sacrifice, and the conviction of duty. Bronnk spends a great deal of his time wholly devoted to Barracuda’s vision of a stable Hueco Mundo, defending against the hordes of Hollow who throw themselves at the Privileges in constant war. He has relinquished all forms of personal ambition, and his silent adherence to his duties has made him a terror to those who do not agree with the order of things. To those on his side, especially his sparse Fracción (who patrol other borders of the Espada territories), he is a reserved, wise man who appreciates a quiet story around a fire. It is a personality so changed by perspective that two Hollow may know only one half of his whole self.

It is during the Espada meetings that Bronnk’s true voice speaks out, however. Barracuda, easily the most powerful individual in Hueco Mundo, looks to Bronnk for sage-like advice on situations varying from border control to the divvying of Privileges to the tensions with Soul Society. Because of his lack of care about personal status, he is the only individual who is consistently neutral in his advice, always proposing the path he thinks best for the Hollow-races as a whole. This has put him at odds with the more aggressive members of the Espada class, namely Yruzza Alexander, who has always been a political enemy of his. Barracuda, however, values this advice, and is quick to remind the others that their beliefs must be debated civilly.


Reishi-Infused Clothing: The trench-coat and cowboy-style hat that remain a constant feature on Bronnk’s person are both made from an incredibly complex material. During his time as a newly formed Arrancar, two centuries before Barracuda began to build his kingdom, the Wiseman had already become aware of his Aspect of Death and his compulsion to let his enemies attack him first. In order to prevent the damage that could be caused by particularly powerful enemies, he learned to focus his Reiatsu into large pieces of leather made from dead, non-consumed Hollow. The process reinforces the material with spiritual energy, making it many times harder than steel without altering its flexibility or weight. The result is a tremendously effective coat of armor that acts as a ‘second Hierro’ of sorts. The process, however, is very delicate, and it took nearly a century in order to find the right cuts of leather and the correct mode of infusion to create the coat that he wears today (the hat has been replaced numerous times, and takes far less effort to create). While he has forged a few other pieces over the years, most have been either destroyed or discarded, such as the belt that once captured Yruzza Alexander.


Unmatched Pesquisa: Bronnk Ro is an Espada, and thus has a mastery over many things. Pesquisa, however, is his specialty, and no other individual--Barracuda included--can come close to his innate, impossible ability to use this sonar-like technique to obtain information about his enemies. Like most Arrancar, his Pesquisa is activated with a pulse of spiritual energy centering near his head. Unlike others, Bronnk can obtain and organize massive amounts of pinpoint information with this ability. Each time that he releases one of these pulses, which are imperceptible to others, the amount of data he receives is enough to fill the memory of an advanced mapping computer. This, combined with the fact that he can send up to twenty pulses per second, makes it almost impossible for enemies to hide their spiritual pressure or location from him. During his normal patrol of his Privilege, Bronnk uses Pesquisa to track down unaligned Hollow who breach the border into the Espada territories. Because the only individual capable of eluding his supreme mastery of Pesquisa is Swarrm, another Espada, there has never been a successful breach.  

Previsión (Foresight): An ability unique to Bronnk Ro, Previsión is an enhanced version of Pesquisa that goes beyond the normal level of ‘prediction’ that some talented users are capable of; it quite literally lets him know when his enemies are about to utilize their abilities. By increasing the amount of Pesquisa pulses that he releases by a factor of three, Bronnk can sense when a spiritually powered individual taps into the most basic level of their Reiryoku (or whatever other form of energy they command). This allows him to know the precise moment when an ability is about to be used, milliseconds before any effects become tangible. Previsión is so sensitive that it actually allows Bronnk to discern the nature of a unique Cero before it fully forms, just by subconsciously tracking the changing ebb and flow of the spiritual energy. While this technique also grants him a limited sense of when normal punches, kicks, or other mundane strikes are being thrown, its real use is in the analysis of abilities prior to their full manifestation. Because of this, Bronnk has avoided countless poisons, illusions, and otherwise fatal techniques that many had considered impossible to survive. He is widely considered the best choice when facing an unknown threat.

Eco (Echo): Another unique ability, the Eco is a technique that Bronnk can use against those attempting to track him or learn about him through spiritual means (such as their own powerful Pesquisa). By oscillating the pulses that he sends out, he can essentially create a feedback of spiritual energy for miles in any direction. For most abilities, such as the Arrancar Pesquisa and the Shinigami spiritual sense, this technique creates an impenetrable zone of ‘noise’; it is as if the spiritual reverberations lose their individuality and become a tangled mess of nonsense. The tangible spiritual pressure within the range of the Eco does not get affected, however, so if an individual is powerful enough to emit colored Reiatsu, it is clearly visible within the field. Any damage that would be done by the pressure is also unaffected. Unfortunately, the Eco is an all-or-nothing ability. Bronnk is incapable of distinguishing allies from enemies, so anyone nearby finds themselves suddenly without the use of their spiritual senses. For this reason, the Eco is an ability only used in an emergency, when setting up an ambush for his allies, or in some other tactical plan.

Zanjutsu Expert: Over his many years fighting in the violent deserts of Hueco Mundo, Bronnk Ro has become an expert of using his peculiar Zanpakutō to great effect. The only things holding him back from becoming one of the deadliest Zanjutsu combatants in the Espada ranks are the fact that his weapon, Toro Paciente, takes the shape of a small, curved dagger, and that his height prevents him from using such a precision-based weapon to its full potential while at a short distance. It is range that plays to his advantage while using Zanjutsu. Because of the curve and size of the weapon, combined with his abilities with Pesquisa-based accuracy, Bronnk is a master of throwing it, using the full force of his statuesque form to deal unbelievable damage in the blink of an eye. He can then call back his Zanpakutō to his hand, much like a boomerang, before releasing it again. This process can be so fast that he can attack a target a hundred feet away five times per second, creating trails of flickering light that almost seem like white strings bending in the wind.

Hakuda Master: As one might imagine, Bronnk is particularly talented at Hakuda thanks to his impressive size, strength, and ability to predict movement. His large stature makes him more than capable of attacking at a distance, overpowering defenses, and striking at an enemy’s face while keeping his own out of reach. His preferred style of combat generally leans towards calculated holds and throws in a similar form to either Jiujitsu or Krav Maga, which both take advantage of his proportions and strength. His large hands allow him to grab his enemies almost casually, pinning them to the ground or a wall as he uses punches or knees to pummel them into paste. On occasion, Bronnk will simply pick up and throw a victim as hard as he can, sometimes launching them clear through the border/ceiling of the Forest of Menos and up into the black sky of Hueco Mundo. For those he cannot grab or break in a melee hold, Bronnk will usually rely on his long legs to deal repeated blows until his enemy can no longer stand. There are very few who would dare challenge the Horns of Barracuda to a fight, and those who do find him deadly at both a distance and up close.

Caminar por la Carretera (Walking the Road): This Hakuda technique, classified and named by Eless Tria’Duhallen, is one that Bronnk only chooses to use if he knows that he will eventually have to transform in order to beat his opponent. This is because the Caminar por la Carretera turns his hidden mask fragments--two razor-sharp horns tucked away beneath his hat--into violent weapons, and if his foe somehow survives, their existence could give away the tiniest advantage. In either of his released forms, however, Bronnk uses this technique liberally, taking full advantage of its power. By crouching down like a runner preparing for a race, Bronnk builds up spiritual pressure beneath his feet. He then releases it, propelling himself towards his opponent like a rocket. The force of this bullrush can be so powerful (especially in his released forms) that it can create an indent in solid stone, leaving a trail behind him. As he reaches his target, Bronnk then rams his head into their center-mass, impaling them on his four-inch horns that bust straight though the reinforced material of his hat. The force of this impact is generally enough to disintegrate the victim, but should his opponent be particularly powerful, he will then form a Cero between his horns and cause an explosion within their body, tearing them apart from the inside.

Immense Spiritual Power: With a Reiatsu only possible for one who ascended from the supreme embodiment of the Hollow, a Vasto Lorde, Bronnk Ro’s spiritual power is astounding; his presence counts him among the strongest individuals in Hueco Mundo. When released in normal levels, this orange-brown energy is potent enough to suffocate and kill low-level combatants as if they were fruit flies caught beneath the hand of a giant. At full capacity, Bronnk is able to seriously injure anyone beneath Captain-class, pinning them to the ground and making them easy prey for his combative abilities. While many of his techniques force him to break into his well of Reiryoku, Bronnk is very good at keeping himself undetectable under normal circumstances, and his fine control over his Reiatsu is incredibly impressive. He is no way as talented as Swarrm, the only Espada who is conceivably impossible to detect, but he is otherwise only noticeable to those with finely trained senses. When he chooses to unleash his full power, however, it can be felt over vast distances.

Sonído Expert: Bronnk Ro may not be as fast as some of the other Espada, but his precise control over his spiritual energy, combined with his long legs, has gifted him with a very high aptitude for Sonído. This form of movement allows Bronnk to breach distances in combat in the blink of an eye; it lets him keep up with quick opponents who would otherwise be impossible to catch, bringing them to a distance where he can restrict their movement with his grappling abilities. Beyond this, quicker enemies are more than capable of out-pacing Bronnk, forcing him to use Sonído only when applicable. Against these individuals, he will generally rely on his long-range Zanjutsu techniques or his Cero in order to compensate. While patrolling his Privilege, Bronnk almost never uses Sonído. His long legs can carry him relatively quickly without having to rely on his Arrancar heritage. However, should he sense a trespasser with his acute Pesquisa, he is always quick to shorten the distance using as much speed as he can muster.

Cero: With his immense well of spiritual power, Bronnk is more than capable of summoning a very powerful Cero to obliterate enemies that would otherwise be resistant to his normal slurry of attacks. These moments are rare. When he has no choice but to use this to deal the damage required, Bronnk will collect the Reiatsu needed in either of his hands, then launch it at impressive speeds towards the enemy he wishes to wipe from existence. He can also produce Cero from between his horns, but such energy is enough to break through his hat and reveal them, so he generally prefers to avoid such things. The Gran Rey Cero, which all Espada are capable of, has no choice but to be launched from between his horns. This, combined with the pure destructive power that it holds, makes it a rare addition to his battlefield tactics. The extra punch is only used when he has no strategic reason to hide his mask fragments from his opponents.

Cero Rojo (Red Cero): A special technique that Bronnk developed before meeting Barracuda, the Cero Rojo has been honed and perfected with his assistance, making it an incredibly deadly ability worthy of an Espada. Pulses of Pesquisa first find the exact resonance of an opponent’s spiritual pressure, which the Wiseman quickly memorizes using his brilliant mind. Then, by adding subtle and delicate resonating frequencies into an otherwise normal Cero (a process that turns the orange energy into a deep, fluctuating red), Bronnk can tune his attack to the very soul of the target he wishes to destroy. Once released, the Cero Rojo will follow the spiritual energy to which it is attracted until it makes contact, is intercepted, or runs out of momentum. This technique has been able to run down opponents over the course of a few minutes, during which time the targets try numerous ways of evading it. In the end, only those who have mastery over their Reiatsu can hide from it, and others who have survived were forced to either destroy the Cero itself or withstand the devastating blast. Most simply die.

Bala: Unlike many of the other Espada, Bronnk sees incredible value in the technique known as Bala. While the Cero takes a moment to charge and deals incredible damage, the Bala is quick, small, and requires a negligible amount of spiritual energy in order for it to function at a decent level of power. A single Bala, even fully charged by Bronnk, is rarely enough to penetrate the defenses of a Captain-class opponent. Lieutenant-class enemies, however, can sometimes be injured on a direct hit, while those without much power to their name may simply die from a single attack. The Bala, which can be launched with minimal movement from either of Bronnk’s hands, is the go-to technique to kill massive amounts of low-level enemies at an incredibly rapid pace. While his Zanpakutō is quite capable of doing this same thing, showing his enemies his weapon when a simple barrage of Bala would do makes the latter a far more strategic option. In addition, there is no chance of him somehow being disarmed. For these reasons, it has become somewhat of a staple against the mindless hordes that occasionally throw themselves at his Privilege.

Immense Strength: Enhanced by his stature, incredible fitness, and staggering level of spiritual power, Bronnk Ro has the strength of a titan. His ability to produce physical force in devastating amounts has labeled him the third strongest Espada in regards to raw brute power--after Darssus Tortall and Barracuda Marracruz. Easily capable of lifting an opponent twenty times his size, Bronnk has been seen picking up Menos Grande and slamming them into the ground (and sometimes into each other). With the help of this massive strength, the Wiseman has been known to block enormous weapons using only his dagger-like Zanpakutō; if the enemy is not a Captain-class opponent, he rarely even moves under such weight. With a single punch, Bronnk can break apart ten feet of reinforced concrete, or clear a hole straight through an Arrancar’s Hierro. This power is what allows him to function so perfectly in hand-to-hand combat--especially grappling; his grip is like an unbreakable vice.

Enhanced Hierro: The protective Hierro of ‘the Advisor’ is bolstered heavily by the tremendous level of Reiatsu under Bronnk’s command. Like most Espada, he is almost entirely incapable of being cut by threats classified as Lieutenant-class and under. Captain-class enemies can cut through his skin given enough force, but even to them it can sometimes act like a wall of armor against normal strikes. This defense allows Bronnk to withstand injuries that would otherwise be fatal, to block strikes with his bare hands, and to power through the attack-pressure of large enemies without flinching. While this defense can be great, Bronnk is loathe to rely on it as his only method of ensuring his safety. Because of his need to let his opponents attack first (which might be fatal against Captain-class foes), he developed the material featured in his trench-coat and hat. Against weaker enemies, even hordes of them, Bronnk is more than willing to allow his Hierro to withstand the damage, freeing him to attack with impunity.

Immense Willpower: Part of what gave Bronnk Ro the title of ‘the Wiseman’ is a form of intellect commonly known as willpower. He is an absolute master of his own self-awareness, devoting long treks of his patrol to constant mental meditation to keep himself as well-adjusted as possible. This has translated into an amazing ability to overcome mental attacks, pain, and other stimuli that could reduce the function of an individual’s brain. Although he is not quite powerful enough to have an immunity from mental invasion or manipulation from someone as proficient as Quintalla Cora Calica, he is one of the few able to defend himself without immediately devoting his entire mind to the task--something that only a few are capable of. To others, his mind is most often impregnable. Even under extreme pain from injury or poison, Bronnk is completely devoted to fulfilling his duty as an Espada, and his willpower allows him to push through until the last moment.

Master Tactician & Strategist: Bronnk’s genius-level intellect manifests through more than just his willpower and wisdom. On both a macro and a micro scale, he is incredibly capable of managing complex strategies and tactics that put others to absolute shame. Within the ranks of the Espada, only Eless can profess to be more cunning, but her public persona requires her to never show such aptitude to the masses. Because of that, Bronnk is openly considered the tactical master of the Arrancar race, leading to his eventual title of ‘the Advisor’. This came not only from the fact that his counsel is sought by Barracuda himself, but also from the many campaigns--all successful--that he has led against the power-hungry Arrancar that refuse to align with the Privileges. He has shown time and time again that he can lead troops, assess battle conditions, and adapt to situations dozens of steps ahead of his enemies. Although he is loathe to take on such large-scale situations, this shines through in smaller scale fights as well; Bronnk has used his tactics to best opponents for nearly a millennium.
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This is part 1 of Bronnk Ro's sheet, which contains general information about the character.

Part 2, which contains information about his Zanpakutō and Resurrección, can be found here

Part 3, which contains information about his Segunda Etapa, can be found here.


This reference sheet represents the Octavo Espada of my non-canon Bleach world. While he may seem overpowered, this particular description is not the one I use in roleplay--the power scales represented in its text are only in relation to the personal stories and the fiction which I write. When roleplaying, I use altered sheets with abilities to scale with the setting, completely devoid of power comparisons.


Bleach © Kubo Tite
Bronnk Ro © NexusYuber
Preview Image © ev1ct
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Well Id have to admit I would not want to be up against this guy! Looks like a bit of a bad ass! =P Like the outfit good original styled, also like the back story to it too its quiet cleaver and witty at times.

I think the back story and equipment are very interesting, I would have to agree though that the character may be slightly over powered but if all the abilities are not apparent when you use him in role-playing then it should be good fun to battle this giant!

All round god drawing and imaginative back story, very well done! =D
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brutalsatyr Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012
How would his aspect of death work with shinigami's?

Shikai= ressurecion and Bankai= segunda? Or is he unable to use segunda against shinigami's?
NexusYuber Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
It would depend on if whether or not he knew the Shinigami was capable of Bankai. If they were and he knew, he would have to wait before he released Segunda Etapa. If they were incapable of it, he could release with impunity.

Shikai = Resurreccion.
C-M-Soul Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012
Great improvements made to this guy your character sheets are really starting to flow together really well while reading them.
NexusYuber Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I'm glad that you think so! I'm doing my best to make them read smoothly, like stories instead of simple sheets.
MoonlitCrescent Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012
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While I do intend to feed you fanservice, and I'm working on Bronnk's sheet RIGHT NAO, I shall not succumb to your insatiable need to sass the Bloodlines.

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