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Mid-April Update/Features

Sat Apr 18, 2015, 4:25 PM
Hey everyone!

So it's the middle of the month, and from this point forward, that means it's time for a journal update and a feature of some other deviants! I'll be doing this around the 15th of every month (this one came a little late, which I'll explain in a bit) in order to keep everyone updated as to what's going on, what's on the horizon, and what has changed since the last journal. The features, meanwhile, will be different every month. I'm not a big believer in those 'feature 10 and I'll feature you' things since they've always seemed a bit forced to me. So this will basically just be me choosing different deviants whom I think you'll all either enjoy or who just deserve a bit more attention for what they do. And don't worry if you aren't featured! There's a chance you'll be on here next month, and it isn't me picking favorites! Just please don't spam me with asks or anything like that—it's a pretty good way to avoid getting featured, as far as I'm concerned. I'd rather just go with the flow.

As far as updates are concerned, there are some great ones and some less-than great ones.

Great Ones: Writing is going well, there are tons of commissions in the works, the Patreon got updated and the rewards have been consistent, and there are a few big reveals coming soon.

Less-Than Great Ones: Trident War has to wait until next week for chapter 3. Some work issues got in the way of me getting ahead of it, so it just needs another week of love. But I'm replacing this weekend's upload with another commission to help ease the wait!

And now, for the features!

I've known Strider-of-Twilight for a long time at this point (he's been on here for nearly a decade). He's a Bleach AU writer much like myself, with a hugely fleshed out AU, tons of character sheets, and commissioned artwork of a lot of his characters. His characters have a tremendous amount of variety to them, so there's definitely one that would resonate with just about anyone, making his gallery worth a peruse. He's been a big supporter of my own work and, in a lot of ways, is responsible for kicking my ass when I get behind on projects. I basically answer to him when I mess up on deadlines.
Captain-Commander: Uboshi Shuugeki Yononaka
Name: Uboshi Shuugeki Yononaka
Alias: The Boundless Soul ; Jewel of Heaven ; Purity Made Flesh ; the Divinity
Race: Shinigami
Age: 400
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Captain Commander of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads ; Captain of the First Division
Overview: Never in the history of the Soul Society has someone similar to Uboshi Shuugeki Yononaka, Captain-Commander of the Goteijuusantai, been seen. She is as legendary as the organization she heads, and has become the representative for the divine and mystical nature that encompasses the Shinigami race. This is due in no small part to the mysteriousness of her origin. For thousands of years, common folk in both the Human World and Soul Society have talked about magical fish-peoples, such as mermaids and sirens, thriving the deeps. When a young and enchantingly exotic child walked out of the ocean and onto shore, it comes as no surprise that they thought of her as something similar to an anc
Fifth Division Captain: Abane, Yoshimaru
Name: Abane, Yoshimaru
Alias(es): The Greatest Adventurer ; Master of Survival ; Hero of the West
Age: 833
Gender: Male
Race: Shinigami
Affiliation: Captain of the Fifth Division ; Headmaster and Grand Dean of Academia
Overview: Abane, Yoshimaru was a man born from lies and broken promises. Five centuries ago, his parents--a Shinigami warrior and a merchant's daughter--had a love affair despite their respective marriages. Even with the difference in castes and the problems filling their own lives, both souls found a solace in one another and met again and again. From these meetings sprouted Yoshimaru; a weed amongst a forbidden garden of flowers. He was the boy that was never meant to be, a sign of the sin they had committed. When the belly of the merchant's daughter swell too much to keep the secret any longer, her father disowned her, her husband kicked her out onto the streets, and her lover distanced himself from the illegitimate fam
Septima Espada: Siberia de Caza
Name: Siberia de Caza
Alias(es): The Predator ; the Wendigo ; the Deadliest Espada
Age: 457
Gender: Female
Race: Adjuchas-Class Arrancar
Affiliation: Seventh Espada of Las Noches
Overview: Siberia de Caza, the Seventh Espada, is a woman renowned throughout the Arrancar civilization as the most deadly Espada. This is due in part to the power she gained as a mortal. She was born more than four centuries ago in a native american tribe that lived on the Great Lakes. During this time she was known as Swift Wind, and she was the best, and only, female hunter amongst her tribe. This was a talent honed not only be a unique mental disposition for it, but also the latent spiritual powers that Swift Wind held. Her mother had been attacked by a Hollow before birth, blessing her with the powers of a Fullbringer; to her tribe, it was a magical ability to fight with the aid of the land.
As colonists began to expand from the east coast, the tribe faced

oggo171 has been around for a few years and has put out a good deal of Bleach AU sheets in that short amount of time. There are some characters in there that you may have seen, especially his 2nd Division Captain or his Captain-Commander, both of which are featured below. I'd definitely appreciate it if you took a look at his gallery and took a stroll through his character sheets. There may be one in there that strikes your fancy. And who knows, maybe some support will help spur him on to make some more!
Shinodira, Mujuryoku Pt. 1
Name: Mujuryoku Shinodira
Nickname(s): The Legendary Shinigami; Death; Grim Reaper;  Any other names given to the Deity of Death.
Age: 3684
Sex: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Species: Shinigami
Alliance: 1st Division Captain; Captain Commander of the Gotei Thirteen.
Appearance: The notorious being known as Mujuryoku Shinodira is easily identified by anyone that lays eyes on him, even though he has been absent for eight hundred and fifty-one years. Standing at six feet and five inches Mujuryoku is above the height of the average Shinigami, and weights barely one hundred and thirty five pounds. Being in a state of meditation for hundreds of years, his frame has become extremely skinny and fragile, as a result, his bones are easily visible. Despite his frail appearance, he still has some muscles that are slightly noticeable. Mujuryoku’s skin has always been a pale purple tone while his eyes are different than most b
Tetsu, Kumo Pt. 1
Name: Tetsu, Kumo
Nickname(s): Spider; The Grim Assassin; Grave Digger
Age: 498
Sex: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Species: Shinigami
Alliance: 2nd Division Captain; Commander in Chief of the Onmitsukidō
Appearance:  Standing at the average height of five feet and six inches and weighting at one hundred and forty pounds, Kumo is quite normal, physically. Upon gazing at Kumo, one would quickly notice that he is completely covered in a black, skin tight, spandex like, suit, with a mask that matches. The mask of the suit is completely black with teardrop shaped, dark purple eyes and the mask covers his head completely, making him seem as if he’s bald. A slim, finely toned physical build, is nicely complimented by the skin tight black suit, which has several designs across it. The most noticeable design would be the Onmitsukidō’s emblem on the center of Kumo’s chest in a dark purple color, while
Yamazaki, Genichi Pt. 1
Name: Genichi Yamazaki
Nickname(s): Doctor; Chronus; Time Reaper
Age: 2478
Sex: Male
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Species: Shinigami
Alliance: 4th Division Captain; Head Surgeon
Appearance: The fair looking Captain of the fourth division, Genichi Yamazaki, stands at six feet tall, being taller than the average Shinigami. Weighing approximately one hundred and eighty nine pounds of lean, solid muscle, Genichi keeps himself in tip top shape, being the face of health and fitness of Soul Society. Chiseled muscle adorn every inch of his body, displayed on his fairly tanned skin. Devilishly handsome, Genichi is very popular with the ladies, and men, with his gleaming yellow eyes and smooth face. His natural green hair makes it easy to identify him, since it makes him stand out like a sore thumb amongst a crowd, which he usually combs back and keeps it short, though it is a bit longer on the top. The natural green hair goes well with his

ive-been-degaussed is another one of those Bleach AU makers who has been in the game for just a few years. His cast is still being made. But the characters that are there are nothing if not interesting, and definitely worth a look and a read. Given the fact that he's only been on DA for two(ish) years, there's plenty of room for expansion, and getting in on the development is always an entertaining ride!
First Division Captain: Ichimatsu, Shijima (pt. 1)
Name: Shijima Ichimatsu (壱松四島)
Aliases: Captain-Commander, Lady Armageddon, Slumbering Titan, "Grandma"
Gender: Female
Age: 2142, appears in her eighties
Race: Shinigami
Position: Captain of the First Division (Gotei 13 Captain-Commander)
Overview: Many shinigami believe that their venerable captain-commander has been in Soul Society since the dimension's creation, and many more believe that she will be their when the final brick has worn to dust. That's not entirely accurate. Yes, Shijima is old, but she isn't eternal. However, she was present in the first ranks of the Gotei 13, almost 2000 years ago. It is there that her story begins, as well as the story of Soul Society as a whole.
Her early life is lost to the sands of time. Nobody, even Shijima herself, is sure whether she was born in the afterlife or if she was recently deceased. Either way, when she entered Soul Society, it couldn't even be consi
11th Division Captain: Kenpachi Onigawara (pt. 1)
Name: Kenpachi Onigawara (鬼瓦ケンパチ)
Aliases: Eternal Soldier, Wandering Swordsman
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown, appears to be in mid-thirties
Race: Shinigami
Position: Captain of the Eleventh Division (The Kenpachi)
Overview: The Kenpachi is a figure of a certain legend within Soul Society. Like every man who has born the title before him, he is widely known for being ruthless, intimidating, and above all else inspiring. How else would a man of his position be able to lead so many soldiers, after all? The captain takes a certain amount of pride in this, the fact that he's become such a monolithic entity in the afterlife. However, few shinigami - if any at all - know the Kenpachi's past. He has taken very thorough steps to eliminate mentions of his upbringing and early life from the records of Soul So
Tenth Division Captain: Suzunosuke Tsuruga (pt. 1)
Name: Suzunosuke "Suzu" Tsuruga (鶴賀スズノスケ)
Aliases: Cruel Beauty, Demon's Attendant, "That Gay Guy" (never to his face)
Gender: Male, identifies as genderqueer.
Age: 451, appears in his late twenties
Race: Shinigami
Position: Captain of the Tenth Division (Director of Archive Administration)
Overview: Suzunosuke's birth was by no means exceptional. The Tsuruga family was a mid-ranked noble clan, renowned for their high-quality paper and writing supplies that were used by famous calligraphers across Soul Society. He was expected to take on the family business after his father eventually passed, and until that passed would shadow him in every step. However, from an early age, he knew he was a bit different. The forward-facing, aggressive behaviors that his father tried to

XProdigy is a name that more than few in the Bleach AU community know. The man has a wide variety of unique characters, ranging from the mundane to the mind-boggling, and they can be found all over DA. An active member of the Bleach community, he's an avid RPer and has done collaborative projects with many other OC makers over his years on this site. It's worth taking a look through his gallery if only to see some of the ideas he has put into action, and the commissioned artworks of his characters.
Santiago Del Bosque: Aspect of Devotion by XProdigyAya Ryuunsuke: The Hellfire Flower by XProdigySusumu Oshiro: The Void Prophet by XProdigy

I've known TheGhostSiren out there in the real world since college, and not only is she an amazing model and stock photographer, but a fantastic person. She's got a strong following on here and other sites for good reason. With two daily deviations under her belt and more on the horizon, she's a person worth watching, and I pretty much guarantee that you'll enjoy her work if you like fantasy photography, woodland themes, and great modelling. She also does belly-dance videos that are available on her YouTube accounts (found on her page).
Norse Wildling 8 - The Hunt by TheGhostSirenAurae by TheGhostSirenWinter Witch by TheGhostSiren

ShortyMcAwkward is a friend of mine who works primarily on writing, selfies, and makeup on her DA profile. But the real reason she's here is that she's an aspiring let's player on YouTube with her cousin at:… I'm sure any watches of her videos or a quick skim through her page would be greatly appreciated!
NINJA WAFFLES by ShortyMcAwkward

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