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Five of my characters are getting completely overhauled visually! Prepare thyself! 

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The Ghost Contest Results!

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 6, 2014, 12:48 PM

Firstly, I want to thank everyone for helping to make this contest so great. From my two amazing (and lightning quick) judges to the people who donated prizes to the friends who advertised on their pages, this contest wouldn't have been able to get off of the ground without your stellar help. Thank you for all that you've done. And, of course, a sincere thank you to all of the amazing artists and Seisui Naito fans who not only showed interest in the contest, but managed to join in and make such a wonderful array of uploads. It's been a wonderful experience seeing all of the different takes on my first OC. I really appreciate it.

That being said, what we're all really here for is to see who managed to run away with the prizes!

It was a very close race between some of the entries. In fact, it came down to a handful of points here and there. But in the end, the pieces spoke for themselves and the combined scores between judges edged a few ahead of the rest.

Notes will be sent out to all participants in regards to the end of the contest, scores, and prizes. Please do not send me notes about the contest results or prizes until you get mine.


1st Place Winner

A future in the shadows - The Ghost Contest by Kairi-Moon by Kairi-Moon

Total Score: 289/300


-500 USD from NexusYuber

-Extended Journal Feature on NexusYuber's and Nexus-Nation's Page

-Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup

-Detailed Color Fullbody (Up to Two Characters) from Z-Angaros

-Colored Front & Back Fullbody by buttjeeeks

-Colored Headshot by Beckerwith

2nd Place Winner

The Ghost - Hollows? What a joke. by MizaelTengu by MizaelTengu

Total Score: 285/300


-250 USD from NexusYuber

-Extended Journal Feature on NexusYuber's and Nexus-Nation's Page

-Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup

-Detailed Color Bust from Z-Angaros

-Colored Front Fullbody by buttjeeeks

-Colored Headshot by Beckerwith

3rd Place Winner

The Aerie Sounds They Make by LarizSantos by LarizSantos

Total Score: 284/300


-100 USD from NexusYuber

-Extended Journal Features on NexusYuber's and Nexus-Nation's Page

-Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup

-Cel Shaded Headshot from Z-Angaros

- Colored Headshot by Beckerwith

Honorable Mentions

The Ghost past by RiamAzariel 
by RiamAzariel

Total Score: 268/300

SeisuiNaito by LuXame by LuXame

Total Score: 267/300

contest : Seisui Naito - Your End by Yumenthic by Yumenthic

Total Score: 265/300


-50 USD Each from NexusYuber

-Journal Features on NexusYuber's and Nexus-Nation's Page

-Sketch Headshot from Z-Angaros


Seisui Naito by Helesss 
by Helesss

Charon's Breath by Azedarach by Azedarach

Seisui by XLEHX by XLEHX

Seisui Naito - Contest Entry by Mama-Moose by Mama-Moose

Ghost submission by Modified-Rabbit by Modified-Rabbit

-20 USD Each from NexusYuber

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Haha. Well, let's see. There are 13 Captains, around 10 Espada, 13 Lieutenants, and countless other characters in each Bleach AU. Statistics say that there would be at least one character of yours that has something intense in common with mine. I never read into stuff like that. It's not Unabara Ritoru, so it's not like they're carbon copies.
Strider-of-Twilight Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Writer
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