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Star Wars

Commission Guidelines

All commission requests should be sent via note. Since writing, editing, and formatting commissions vary so widely, specifics will be discussed on a case-by-case basis—no need for forms. That being said, there are a few major guidelines that apply to ALL of my commissions. Please be familiar with them before sending in your commissions request.

Payment Process
- All commissions will be paid half up-front, half upon completion.
- Paypal is preferred.
- Points are accepted (at a slightly increased rate due to conversion).

Unless otherwise agreed upon during correspondence, I retain the right to use written commissions and edits for my portfolio. Private editing or writing doesn't increase the price, however; just be sure to tell me that you don't want me to use it in any portfolios ahead of time! Ghost-writing (releasing full rights for the entirety of a written work, meaning that you can claim that you wrote it) costs extra. Actual ownership of the written work goes to the commissioner no matter what.

Unacceptable Content
While I am available for adult-themed writing and slash fiction, the following subjects are absolutely off-limits:
- Fetish
- Extreme Gore
- Rape/Molestation

I have the right to refuse any commission if I don't feel comfortable with it. The best way to be sure is to ask ahead of time and to be as open as possible. I'm relatively flexible.

Writing Commissions

All writing prices are based on 'ms' pages (manuscript pages). The industry-standard manuscript page is 250 words (roughly one actual book page). The use of this rubric ensures that spacing, formatting, and dialogue do not artificially increase the prices of the commissions.

Fiction (15 USD per MS Page)

Fiction writing is a broad category that includes everything from original fiction to fan-fiction to erotic fiction. These commissions are written in my 'voice', which is descriptive and deliberately bends grammar for impact and stunted flow. The speed of the writing is greatly dependent on the level of creative control given to me, the amount of necessary prep-time, and the size of the project. The following are a few examples of fiction-type pieces in my gallery.

Trident War: Chapter 1
“Get me those statistics. Now.”
Usko Shaningwa’s voice bellowed beneath the alarms that were ringing through the observation room, undercutting their pulsing wail with his deep baritone. His voice was fueled by his growing frustration, and he made it obvious, spitting out the last word as if it had been rotting on his tongue.
The two men behind him obeyed and raced off to their stations.
Usko closed his eyes to relieve the pressure building behind them and pinched the bridge of his nose. It had been a tremendously disappointing day, and it continued to get worse by the minute. He muted the ‘fight-in-progress’ alarms that had been blaring from wall-mounted speakers with a sightless press of a button, and the room went quiet. The only sounds were the humming of the computers and the frantic typing of Usko’s agents.
The familiar darkness of his own closed eyes was refreshing. For nearly four hours, he had been staring
An Interruption
Deception, some say a concept invented by humans and adopted by Shinigami, was only mastered by the Arrancar. With lives unaffected by time, with instinct driving them towards cannibalism and the endless struggle for power, they alone gave themselves freely and wholly to the web that deceit spins, making their homes on the delicate strings, aware yet uncaring of the risks that came with perching themselves aloft on such a fragile foundation. For some, it was a net that secured their position, hoisting them high, bringing them closer to the apex of power. For others, it was the webbing that one day fell out from beneath their feet, plunging them into the abyss.
And in no place did deception breed more openly than in the Ciudad de la Luz.
The City of Light: a gleaming sanctuary of ivory-white pillars rising above the blanched horizon of Hueco Mundo. But like an oasis, its brilliance was an illusion. It was a place of shadows that did not fear the light, and whispers spoken openly between
Southern Lands: Chapter 1
It had been a long trip.
Yuneko Kurasa, a Chūnin from the Village Hidden in the Sun, stretched her arms high above her head and let out a deep, luxurious yawn. Her bare shoulders creaked ever-so-slightly, and as she interlaced her fingers, eking out that last inch, she could feel her muscles finally give up and release the tension that had been building up over the last week of the journey. The metal plates that guarded her forearms shifted on top of her skin as if they, too, were aching for a change.
"How much farther," she asked, her voice trailing out of her yawn.
It had been a full month since she had left her home and set out for the Land of Rivers. During that time, Yuneko and her three teammates had seen plenty of breathtaking sights, bustling foreign cities, and landscapes so different from her mountainous homeland that they seemed almost alien. It was all part

Nexus-Style Character Sheets (125 USD per 'Part' or 10 USD per MS Page, Whichever is Lower)

Character sheets are a specialty of mine. These commissions are for full-length, formatted character sheets for either fan-fiction characters or completely original ones. They include everything from appearance information to their powers and personalities, all detailed and written in my personal style. What makes these 'Nexus-style' is that they follow my sheet format, including snippets of the character's history throughout their entirety instead of devoting a full section to it, which is a common practice. This allows the sheet to retain a story-like readability while delivering all of the relevant information. Nexus-style character sheet commissions differ from regular sheet commissions in both pricing and speed-of-delivery due to my experience writing in this format. I can do these sheets for all of my major fandoms (Bleach, Naruto, Star Wars, One Punch Man, and many video game universes) with minimal prep time. Fully original characters and unfamiliar fandoms may take research to ensure quality. The following are a few examples of Nexus-style character sheets in my gallery.

Akata Saki: Pt. 1
Name: Akata Saki
Nickname(s): Captain Saki; the River's Splintered Wheel; the Phoenix-Mane Privateer
Age: 28
Sex: Female
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Alliance: Ashigakure (Village Hidden in the Reeds) (Ex-Pirate)
Rank: Chūnin (S-Rank)
Chakra Type(s): Wind
Mission Stats:
D-Rank: 0
C-Rank: 0
B-Rank: 0
A-Rank: 43
S-Rank: 5

Appearance: Akata Saki, the most dangerous Chūnin in Ashigakure, was born far from the village she now calls home. The daughter of two rival Pirate Lords, conceived during a closed-door, drunken mistake, her life was destined to be one of curious importance. It was her mother that chose to harbor her after her birth; her father refused to admit to her lineage out of fear that she would one day claim inheritance to his vast resources. During her early years, Akata learned the ways of the seas. Despite bearing the last name o
Swarrm: Pt. 1
Name: Swarrm
Nickname(s): The Boogeyman of Hueco Mundo; the Eternal; the Shade; the Sand-Walker; the Unknowable
Age: 727
Sex: Female
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Species: Arrancar
Former Classification: Adjuchas
Alliance: Cuarto Espada
Aspect of Death: Paranoia
Privilege: Las Catacumbas (The Catacombs)

Appearance: Swarrm, the Cuarto Espada of Barracuda Marracruz's Hollow renaissance, is a character in a story that predates all others. For as long as the infinite sands have existed, legends have told of an Arrancar with that name, always differing in appearance, forever shifting and changing to match the regimes and power struggles that have always plagued Hueco Mundo. In some stories, Swarrm is a beast the size of a fortress, plucking Menos Grande from the groun
Darssus Tortall: Pt. 1
Name: Darssus Tortall
Nickname(s): The God of Strength; the Masked Man; the Collector; the Guardian of Las Noches
Age: 277
Sex: Male
Sexual Preference: Asexual
Species: Arrancar
Former Classification: Adjuchas
Alliance: Tercera Espada
Aspect of Death: Obsession
Privilege: Various Areas
Appearance: There are few beings in the known universe that are so fundamental in their purpose, so ferocious in their strength, that they would give the Gods pause. Darssus Tortall, proclaimed by many to be the God of Strength, himself, is one such creature. Born as a mentally challenged youth in a time and place where such a thing was punishable by death, Darssus' early life was spent hidden away from the outside world. His accidental father left soon after he was conceived. His mother, a would-be housewife, did all but kill him to hide his existence from pot

Character Sheets (15 USD per MS Page)

While character sheets are one of my most comfortable areas of writing, Nexus-style formatting may not work for everyone. Whether it's a devoted history section or an entirely different format, these commissions represent alternate sheet styles, which run at the same price as fiction commissions. Unfortunately, due to having to adapt my style, they are not available at the same price option as the Nexus-style sheets, and may take slightly longer to produce. I can do these sheets for all of my major fandoms (Bleach, Naruto, Star Wars, One Punch Man, and many video game universes) with minimal prep time. Fully original characters and unfamiliar fandoms may take research to ensure quality.

Editing Commissions

All editing prices are based on 'ms' pages (manuscript pages). The industry-standard manuscript page is 250 words (roughly one actual book page). The use of this rubric ensures that spacing, formatting, and dialogue do not artificially increase the prices of the commissions.

Proofreading (2 USD per MS Page)

Proofreading is what most people consider to be 'editing'. It involves checking a document line-by-line to ensure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors. This is a fantastic service for those who speak English as a second language or for people who have little faith in their own knowledge of grammar. It is also extremely affordable and fast thanks to its naturally high-yield process. Proofreading can help make sure that your written works are error-free and readable. 

Basic Copy-Editing (5 USD per MS Page)

Basic copy-editing involves looking over a written work and breaking down the structure, content, clarity, and style. Paragraphs are restructured to improve the 'flow' of the document, word-choices are changed in order to help solidify meaning, and the final product is inspected so that the intention of the work comes through clearly. This style of editing includes proofreading, making it an ideal choice for anyone who wants their rough draft to be cleaned, pressed, and finalized.

Heavy Copy-Editing (8 USD per MS Page)

Heavy copy-editing is the great granddaddy of editing. It breaks down the document with an extreme focus on structure, content, clarity, and style. In essence, heavy copy-editing implants the 'voice' of the editor into the work. Paragraphs can be rewritten from the ground-up, entire sections can be moved to improve flow, and some documents can even have paragraphs added in order to help improve the content. This kind of commission is time-intensive, extremely thorough, and often requires various amounts of active communication with the commissioner. But it can make a world of difference.

DA-Formatting Commissions

All DA-formatting commissions require the use of the DA program or temporary access to the related DA account.

DA-Formatting (Quote per Project)

This is general DA-formatting for written documents on DeviantArt. Hyperlinks, image placement, headers, fonts, and other formatting edits can be added to any document uploaded on this site. The cost of the formatting varies widely depending on the size of the project and the requested changes. Please contact me in order to discuss pricing.

Gallery Description Overhaul (Quote per Project)

This commission is for huge, gallery-wide changes to the description boxes of Deviations. Whether you want to add error-free statements to each upload or mini-descriptions, this can help unify your gallery into a palatable theme. My own gallery is an example of this process. Due to the varying sizes of galleries and the open-ended concept of the commission, prices for these projects will vary. Please contact me in order to discuss pricing.


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