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Star Wars

Hey everyone!

Today I hit my first Patreon Milestone, thanks in no small part to the amazing people who decided, out of the goodness of their hearts (and not due to threats against their families and friends), to support my dreams of being a full-time writer! Their monthly pledges pushed over my first Milestone by no small amount. And to be honest, I'm filled with a mixture of shock, disbelief, and actual, tear-producing happiness.

Since I was a kid, I've loved words and imagination. I can remember taking out the booklets of my Super Nintendo games and reading them for the little snippets of stories that they put in there. I wanted to be friends with Mario and those weird dinosaur things from Bubble Bobble. I always gravitated to the games and children's books that made me feel like I was a small fish in a huge pond, that there were amazing things outside of what I could see, and that all I needed to do to touch them was to open my mind. As I started to grow older, my love didn't fade. I read everything that I could get my hands on. I began to love science fiction and high fantasy and even horror books. Then elementary school happened. I knew that I wanted to write—I wanted to take part in creating those worlds that I ran to when I was scared or lonely or craving adventures beyond my playground. But when it came time to learn how, I was diagnosed with dysgraphia, brain damage that was a side-effect of who knows what. I tried desperately to learn. My peers were all better than me. They could fill those blue books with the words I loved even though they found it boring. But I couldn't. It physically hurt, and no matter how much I practiced, my handwriting never got any better. That will never change. It still takes me over a minute to tie my shoes in the morning.

For years, I didn't have many options. I continued to read. I continued to think and imagine. But whenever I put pen to paper, my muscles seized and I had to stop. It affected my grades and my self-esteem. The schools all thought that it was something that I could change, that I just wasn't trying hard enough, and by twelve I was transferred to a private school meant to help me overcome it. It only helped me feel more isolated. I began battling deep depression and anxiety that stayed with me through high school. But then an amazing yet ordinary thing happened: my family bought me a computer. With a keyboard, I suddenly had a way to express myself without pain or worrying about legibility. It took a long time to learn to type, but once I did, I had an avenue that allowed me to pursue my dream of writing. My love for words had never been extinguished; the fire had simply been buried, waiting for that breath of air to reignite it.

Years later, writing has remained my dream. College and work and making a living have always gotten in the way of me pursuing it as a career. The world revolves around money, especially in my area, and I never had that moment where I could put my time on the line and pursue my dream. But I can't let that continue. I want to fight for it.  I may not ever be able to tie a knot or have a signature that looks the same twice, but I can make my younger self proud and get past a limitation he thought he had to live with for the rest of his life.

The people who have helped, all of you reading this, everyone who has read my stories and characters, everyone who's offered a critique, and all of the amazing people who have chosen to support me on Patreon, are part of that fuel that has reignited my fire. I owe you everything. And I will continue to. I won't let my childhood dreams remain childhood tears.

If you want to help me reach my goals on Patreon and help support my writing career, click on the button below. I'll be holding raffles, contests, and chatroom/webcam get-togethers periodically as a thank you for the support. In addition, you'll get previews of my work, including my private stuff, and updates on everything I'm up to.

Thank you so much for reading.


In addition to Patreon, did you know that I have a Facebook page, a Tumblr, an Instagram, a Twitter, and an underused YouTube that will soon have music covers and junk? Well I do! And you can now find all of them in some fancy links I made on my page right under this journal! Since my memory isn't too fantastic, most of these are both my personal sites and NexusYuber sites, so you get a bit of everything with them. Unfortunately, if you don't want to see much of my stupid face, you may want to shy away from the Instagram and YouTube. But you should be good otherwise! Each one will have content related to my writing from this point forward.


Last thing for this journal is to update everyone on what's going with the whole Naruto AU thing that I hinted at with that poll.

It's happening.

I'll be uploading some world-building primers soon and then the characters will come intermittently. I'll be holding off on anything like character sheets until the characters are done and the world is built, since I really want to focus on finishing the Bleach ones now that I've gotten back on track with that. I've done some more research into the specifics of Naruto and luckily it seems pretty simple and easy to pick up, so I'm confident that these won't be TOO offensive to people who are invested in the fandom. Like my Bleach world, this WILL be an AU, with none of the canon characters existing in any form. I'm creating my own continent with its own countries and hidden villages and whatnot. That's just how I do. :P

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All of my Taijutsu-centric Chunin are up! Which one is your favorite so far to win the Taijutsu wing of the Age of Remembrance Tournament? 

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